Firefox Add-on - MyBookmarks


MyBookmarks is a Firefox extension that creates a formatted page from bookmarks.

I made this to use instead of "BookmarksHome"(for Firefox1.5).
This is original software, not a port of "BookmarksHome".It is implemented with some required functions to be useful for me.

*This extension requires Firefox 3.0 or later.


Firefox Add-ons bdownload (ver.0.6.23 Released on Mar. 25/2017)

How to Use

Type the URI "about:mybookmarks" in the Location bar, then the page is displayed in a new tab.
(or,a Bookmarks menu and toolbar button is available too)
When the page is reloaded, a present content of the bookmark is reflected in the page.
When The Export Path is set the result HTML file is outputted to there.

Ex.) Use this URI(about:mybookmarks) or HTML file path for Homepage of browser.

When the "modify layout with dragging folder block" option is checked, it is enabled to modify a folder's placement freely at dragging a header of folder block.
And when the "modify position of a bookmark link with dragging link" option is checked, it is enabled to modify a position of bookmark item at dragging a link. (also reflect the order to Bookmarks list)
*This feature uses the jQuery-UI.

Context-menu "Remove this Link from Bookmarks" and "Links Properties" is for a Bookmarks link, "MyBookmarks layout" is for updating layout of folder blocks.

Available to sort by bookmark title in each folder by context-menu "MyBookmarks Sort items".


Select "MyBookmarks" in Extensions list after installation, and push then "Options" button.

At the "Maximum title length", you can also use a number of CSS length property (px,em...). When this is blank, length is not limited.
In "Stylesheet", you can customize the Stylesheet.
For style elements, refer to default style and HTML source.
The edited style can be saved/restored.
<about LI's style>
Since Ver.0.5.7, CSS style selectors "favnode" and "defnode" was added.
"favnode" is assigned to LI node having favicon, and "defnode" is assigned to other LI node.
For an example, please refer to default-style or below.
<Style sample>
Style sample
The bookmark folders with check-boxes are listed.
When "Include" is checked, only selected folders will be displayed. Or oppositely when "Exclude" is selected the selected folders will be hidden.
"check/uncheck subfolders": When one of the folders is clicked, the check on all folders that exist in the lower layer are automatically changed.

Version History

0.6.23 - Fixed a context menu display.
0.6.20 - Available on Firefox52.
0.6.17 - Repaired "Links Properties".
0.6.13 - Fixed some bugs.
0.6.12 - Improved some codes used innerHTML.
0.6.9 - Respond to changes in favicon specifications at firefox 22.
0.6.8 - Respond to changes in JS specifications at firefox 20.
- Fix a problem at untitled bookmark.
0.6.7 - Modified for Firefox17.
- Prevents opening the link when moving between folders by dragging a bookmark item.
0.6.6 - Modified a layout process of folder blocks.
- Modified a option dialog interface of "Target folders".
- Modified support version.
0.6.5 - Modified support version.
- ...
- Livemarks folder does not work...
- Modified some of codes.
0.6.4 - Modified support version.
- Enabled to display separators.
- Modified a sorting processing.
0.6.3 - Modified support version.
- Modified a Bookmark removing dialog.
0.6.2 - Appended a toolbar button.
- Appended a new feature "modify position of a bookmark item with dragging link".
- Appended a new feature to sort by bookmark title in each folder.
0.6.1 - Added a new option for bookmark description.
- Fixed a problem of folder "Include".
0.6.0 - Supplemented default favicon option.
- Added a new option for folder title.
- Support for Firefox 4.0. - Support for Firefox 4.0 beta7.
0.5.9 - Added new feature to save/restore a style data.
- Fixed an LI attribute without favicon..
- Support for Firefox 4.0 beta6.
0.5.8 - Added some context-menu items.
0.5.7 - Added a class attribute(related to the presence or absence of favicon) to a LI tag.
- Fixed a problem of the bookmark title including "<".
0.5.6 - Support for Firefox3.5.
- Appended Favicon image.
- Modified some of codes.
0.5.5 - Appended "modify layout with dragging folder block" option. (by jQuery UI)
- Modified some of codes.
0.5.3 - Improved the setting dialog for Linux OS.
0.5.2 - Fixed default favicon bug.
0.5.1 - Fixed some bugs.
0.5.0 - Appended "Bookmarks Toolbar" and "Unsorted Bookmarks" to target folders.
- Added new option "Include 'Live Bookmarks'.
- Modified processing about getting the list of bookmarks.
0.4.4 Fixed the problem on Options dialog about an empty folder.
0.4.3 Fixed the problem that the blank page is displayed when an empty folder was included.
0.4.2 - Replaced menu item "Export MyBookmarks" with "about:mybookmarks".
- Added new options "Maximum title length" and "Open a link in a new Tab/Window".
0.4.1 An option "check/uncheck subfolders" feature was fixed.
0.4.0 Added a new "Include/Exclude folders" option.
0.3.1 Added en-US locale.
(But I am not confident of my English...)
0.3.0 - Added a new feature to display the MyBookmarks page with the "about:mybookmarks" URI.
- Changed the method for embedding the default favicon in HTML.
0.2.3 Added a new feature to display favicons.
0.2.2 Added a new feature to open all of the links from a folder when its's title was clicked.
0.2.1 - Moved menu item into the "Bookmarks" menu.
- Embedded "Update URL".

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